Attendance information date has incorrect year on pay stubs

The incorrect year is listed for the start date in the attendance information on pay stubs.  If the attendance plan is set to Based on each employees start date the correct month and day is listed along with the current year, as opposed to the appropriate year for the Hire event of the employee.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

Check the options for the Employee record:
  1. In Records, Employees open the affected employee record
  2. On the HR info tab notice the Actual Date for the Hire Event (e.g., 8/13/12)
  3. On the Attendance tab, select Attendance plans from the View drop-down menu
  4. Open the Attendance plan and note the Plan year is set to Based on each employee's start date

Check the options for the Pay stub attendance information:
  1. In Banks> Edit account details
  2. On the Payments tab, select Payroll Electronic Funds Transfer
  3. Click Edit Payment Options
  4. In the Default Payment options for Payroll Electronic Funds Transfer window, select Attendance Information
  5. In the Show attendance accrued through is set to Pay period end date

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