When a record is deleted in the The Raiser's Edge, the corresponding linked record will be removed in Luminate Online.  This can also happen if a record is merged, and the Delete Source Constituent checkbox is marked, or if a new record from Luminate Online is linked to a Raiser's Edge record that is already linked, which prompts a merge of the two Luminate records.  However, please note, marking a constituent record Inactive in the Raiser's Edge has no impact on the Luminate Online record.

Conversely, if a Luminate Online record is removed, there will be no impact on the Raiser's Edge record.  It will not be deleted, marked inactive, or have any sort of indicator that the corresponding Luminate record is no longer available.  This can cause errors in the Raiser's Edge and in Luminate Queue Problem Management if this record is ever updated in Raiser's Edge, or a merge needs to be performed. Therefore, as a best practice, Blackbaud recommends that if any records need to be removed, the user should delete them in The Raiser's Edge, which will trigger the removal of the corresponding record in Luminate Online.

Please note:  While removed records in Luminate Online can be restored by contacting Luminate Support, once a record is deleted from The Raiser's Edge, it cannot be recovered.  Users are encouraged to proceed with extreme caution when deleting records in The Raiser's Edge, as restoring to a backup can have serious negative impacts when using the RELO integration, and is not recommended by Blackbaud.