Development Overview Analysis Dashboard in FE NXT has Gift IDs that are not found in The Raiser's Edge

When working in FE NXT with Analysis, the Development Overview Analysis Dashboard, designed to display gift amounts for a given time period, may have Gift IDs that are different from or not currently found in The Raiser's Edge. 
This is working as it should. 

RE stores two different gift IDs: The System Record ID and the Gift ID. The Gift ID is the field on the Miscellaneous tab of a gift record that can be changed by the user. The System Record ID is available from selecting File, Properties from the gift record. Both are available in Query from database view.  The drill-down on the Development Overview dashboard in FE:NXT actually displays the System Record ID.    

So big picture, it is pulling the same records, but the dashboard is using a different field from the gift record that remains constant/is system generated.  The System Record ID is needed for the drill-in feature. 

In a similar fashion, the "Revenue Received" report on the FE NXT Development Overview dashboard is the same report as the "Revenue" report on the Overview/Giving dashboard in RE NXT. This report is set to drill into System Record ID since that is the actual primary key of the GIFT table and is what is used by the RE NXT Gift List to identify records. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. In FE NXT, select Analysis
2. Select the Development Overview Dashboard (available when RE and FE are integrated)
3. Click on the Total amount of revenue received
4. Notice the list of gifts that comes up does not match any gift IDs in The Raiser's Edge currently


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