1. Click on Communications and select the category where the Email Templates are stored.
  2. In the list of templates, click on the name of the template (or copy and then on the name of copied template).
  3. Navigate to the Edit step.
  4. Click Text Version at the top (if using a stored eTapestry template) or at the lower left (if using the Advanced Editor).

By default, the Text Version auto-generates from the HTML version. To verify this is happening, look for the Edit Text Version to see if "Auto-Generated" is present. This will be at top middle of a bulit-in template, or the lower left of the Advanced Editor:
User-added image

It is possible to edit the Text Version directly. However, if you proceed with Text Version edits, that will turn off the Auto-Generate. The Auto-Generate cannot be turned back on for this template once turned off. Once done, the Text Version must be manually edited to reflect changes in the HTML. The message will change to "Manually Edited" to indicate that this must reviewed so it matches the HTML version.
User-added image

If a template is copied with a Manually Edited Text Version is copied, the Edit Text Version will revert back to Auto-Generated.