ResearchPoint and all other single sign-on enabled applications use an email system which is mutually exclusive of the emails which one would normally receive.  Most commonly, the reason for having not received the invite email is because your organization's spam appliance or application have filtered it or rejected it all together.

To account for this, check the following:
  1. Have the new ResearchPoint check their Spam folder in whatever email client they use
  2. Direct your IT group to wholesale whitelist the domain in your spam appliance, application or email environment
  3. Direct your IT group to configure spam appliance rules to allow mail from

If your email system administrator or spam appliance vendor requires a sample of the message to account for its origin, you may send them an email invite from ResearchPoint to another domain other than your own or to a 3rd party provider such as Gmail, Yahoo or  All invite messages have a complete SMTP header on them which may be used to configure spam appliances and applications appropriately.

PLEASE NOTE: Blackbaud does not support firewalls & spam appliances, nor are we able to assist with configurations and changes to them.  If you require assistance with this, please contact the appropriate vendor for support.

As an alternative to getting the invite email, newly invited users may do the following:

  1. Login to
    •  Make sure that the user is indeed logged in by checking to see if "Welcome First Last" is in the upper right of the page
  2. Browse to
    • ​​SITEID = The site id of your organization 
OR Browse to
For Example: ?SiteID=5740RP
      Click "Start ResearchPoint"

Start ResearchPoint