*If you already have a non-production database and a non-production unlock code and simply want to "refresh" the existing test/sample database:
1. Detach the current test/non-production database
2. Complete the steps below to create a new test/non-production copy of the live database using the same non-production unlock code that was used to create it the first time

*If you are just beginning this process, and this is not your first non-production database, you will need to contact your Blackbaud Account Manager. How do I contact my account manager?  For FE / EE, there is no charge for up to 5 additional non-production databases, but after the first, your Blackbaud Product record must be updated first.

Once updated, contact support via phone or chat to request an unlock code to create a non-production database.

Once you have received the unlock code from support, take the following steps to create a non-production database that can be attached in the same Blackbaud Management Console as your live database:

To be able to have both databases attached (the actual live and the non-production with all of the same information), you will need to first create a backup copy of the live database that you will need to re-attach after the serial number has been changed on the live database.

In essence, the backup of the live database becomes the "live database" and the live database that you will be entering the unlock code into in the steps below will become the "non-production database".

NOTE: Ensure that all users are out of the system before beginning this

Big Picture:

1.Backup the live database -> store this elsewhere
*2.Run the unlock code on the database attached (this will become the Non-Production)
3.After verifying the database serial number has changed, detach the newly created Non-Production database
4.Reattach the true live Organization database backup in the Blackbaud Management Console 
5.Reattach the newly created Non-Production database (Call it something like 'Organization' Non-Prod, Test, etc.)

*To use the unlock code:

1. Log into the software as Supervisor. 
2. Select Tools, Unlock Add-on Modules 
3. Enter the unlock code in all capital letters and click OK. 
4. Directly choose File > Exit and Sign Out of the Software
5. Detach the database from the Blackbaud Management Console
6. Reattach the database to the Blackbaud Management Console
7. Log into the software as the username Supervisor
8. Go to Help, About Financial Edge and confirm the serial number has been changed.