Delivery and Deliverability

Why didn’t an opted-in user receive my email?
Emails aren't getting delivered to Gmail – why?
Why are email open rates extremely low for Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/etc.?
How do I link Google Postmaster with Luminate Online?
If Blackbaud controls my email reputation with Gmail, what Blackbaud doing to help improve it?
What IS my deliverability rate in LO?
What does it mean when I find my domain is on an external blacklist?
What is sender reputation and how can my organization improve it?
Why is Blackbaud's sender reputation with a specific mailbox provider low?
What does Blackbaud consider a good IP reputation?
Does Blackbaud guarantee delivery of my emails?
What is the difference between email deliverability and inbox placement?
What is Blackbaud doing to help improve email deliverability?
Does volume/throttling affect my deliverability? How does Blackbaud respond when mailbox providers change their algorithms or requirements? Does Blackbaud work directly with mailbox providers to broker delivery/inboxing agreements?
Why is a recipient not receiving Autoresponders or Tell-A-Friend messages?

How do Blackbaud's sending pools work and how does my organization get in the best one?
I'm in a lower pool than I used to be and now I'm losing revenue. Will I be compensated?
I don't want to be on a shared IP system; I want a dedicated IP. How do I get this?
I don't have average inbox deliverability of 96%, so why can't I have my own dedicated IP?
Why is my Luminate Online SPAM complaint rate so high and what should it be?
Will bad practices from other Blackbaud clients negatively affect my sender reputation?
How does the system handle new subscribers?
Why can't Blackbaud's email verification services remove spamtraps from my list?
Best Practices
Do you have resources I can share about the importance of following good email practices?
Can you create a kit to help me improve my email deliverability?
How can I improve my email deliverability?
If I follow all of Blackbaud's best practices, how long will it take for my email reputation to improve?
How can Luminate Online be improved to allow more sophisticated queries and suppression lists?
How can I access more detailed reporting to help me analyze my SPAM data?
How can I tell if I'm following email best practices?
How do Blackbaud and mailbox providers define an engaged user?
Will Blackbaud add list unsubscribe headers?
What should I do when I notice low open rates or high spam complaints in my reporting?
What rules should I follow for segmentation? Who should I stop emailing altogether?
How do I create my SPF? How can I use a private DKIM key? How should I configure my DMARC policy?
Which spammy words should I avoid in my subject lines or in the body of my emails?