To disable BBDW packages, follow the steps below:

1) On the CRM web server, find the CRM install directory and navigate to the following filepath: bbappfx\MSBuild\Datamarts\BBDW\SSIS.
2) In the SSIS folder, edit the file BBDW_PackageList.txt for out of box packages or BBDW_PackageList _EXT.txt for custom packages.
3) To disable a package, change the value next to the package being disabled from "1" to "0".

In the screenshot below, note that the file's contents are in the "PACKAGE","DEPENDENCY","ENABLED" format. This means that some packages are dependent upon other packages so that disabling a package can and will prevent other packages/functions from working properly. The highlighted line shows that the BBDW_DIM_CONSTITUENTADDRESSTYPE.dtsx package is dependent upon the BBDW_FACT_CONSTITUENTADDRESS.dtsx being enabled.

Contents of the BBDW_PackageList file