My Application deactivated too early - Applicants can not access application

Our application is set to deactivate automatically later but people are reporting they can not access it now. 
If a form is directing people to a deactivation page these are the steps you need to follow. 

Deactivate the form in Forms Manager.
If a message pops up saying "Would you like to allow these in-progress Applications to be submitted?" Click YES
Find the form under Inactive forms, click it, select Edit Properties
Remove the deactivation date and time in the form settings.
Reactivate the form. 
Select View URL - click on link to confirm you can now access the application

You will have to manually deactivate the form at the time of the application deadline. 


Steps to Duplicate

Go into Forms Manager and confirm the Application is still listed as active. 
Click on the Application then click View URL.
Click the URL to open the Application and confirm a message comes up saying something similar to "The Application form that you began is no longer being accepted. You may begin a new form. We apologize for the inconvenience."

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