Sales order screen shows wrong amount

While reviewing a sales order record in Altru you may notice that the order amount at the top of the screen shows the gross amount or amount before discounts were applied instead of the payment amount for the record. This may occur when you have an order with a discount on merchandise items but also includes a membership
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

Create a Merchandise discount
  1. Click Tickets > Ticket and Merchandise Discounts > Add
  2. Click Standard
  3. Name the discount
  4. Change the applies to field to Item > change the calculation type to percent off
  5. Change the value under merchandise to 10
  6. Unmark the box next to applies to tickets
  7. Change selected for use to Automatically
  8. Click save
Process the transaction in daily sales
  1. Click Sales > Daily Sales
  2. Enter a patron name
  3. Click on the memberships button and add a membership with a price greater than $0
  4. Click on the merchandise button > search for and select a merchandise item that allows discounts and has a retail price greater than $0
  5. Click on the check payment method to pay for the items
  6. Click the complete button to complete the purchase
Review the sales order
  1. Click Sales > order search
  2. Search for and select the order you just made
  3. Notice that the order amount at the top of the screen matches the payment amount
  4. Click the Go to revenue button under the order details tab
  5. Click the order link at the top of the screen above the date (notice it shows the gross amount)
  6. Review the record and notice that this order record shows the gross amount at the top of the screen instead of the payment amount


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