A two member Membership is only issuing one card in Advance Sales

You may occasionally come across a 2-card membership only issuing a single card when they renew. You might see that when a member is added to a membership between renewals, they won't have a card issued if you go through Advance Sales.
If a member is removed from a membership, their card will be marked as cancelled. If you add the member back it will not automatically issue a new card for them. Additionally, if you manually add a new member to the membership it will not automatically issue them a new card. When you go to renew the membership in Advance Sales, Altru will respect the current settings and only issue the amount of cards that are currently on the membership. 

You can manually issue a new card to correct this:
  1. On the constituent's record, select the Memberships tab and click on the name of your membership
  2. In the Member Cards section, click Issue New Card
  3. Choose the member and Save

Instead of manually issuing a new card, you can edit the membership transaction within Advance Sales to add additional cards before completing the order. 
  1. Go to Sales > Advance Sales and add the constituent for the order
  2. Click Renew or Rejoin next to the proper Membership at the bottom
  3. Click to highlight the membership line in the order towards the right side of the page
  4. Click Edit at the top right. From this new window, we could edit the Members Receiving Cards
  5. Select the Member Cards tab, and make sure both members are listed. If not, add the second card with the proper name
  6. Click Save
  7. Enter payment and complete the order as needed


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