1. In any module navigate to Analysis > Manage Lists
  2. Select Manage Basic and Advanced Lists
  3. Select the List Templates tab.
  4. In the Template Category drop-down select Constituent Information.
  5. Click View/Copy for the template titled Students with Parents (Flattened).
  6. Enter a Name for the list (required).
  7. Add the list to a category (optional).
  8. Under the Select Objects tab, expand each Parent/Child Relationship object and click X to delete the User Phone objects (will have 4 to delete). 
  9. User-added image
  10. Under the Display Fields tab: 
    • Remove any unnecessary Address display fields.
    • Remove User Base.First Name, User Base.Last Name, User Base.Grad Year, and, User Base.Middlename IF student names are not to be included in your labels. 
  11. Select the Output Options tab.
  12. Under Mail Labels, select the User Base you wish to base the mail labels on. For example, if you want to base the mail labels on student information in this list, select User Base as the first User Base in the list is associated with the students. 
  13. Select Preview to preview the list results.
  14. Select Save & Exit
Once saved, you can then select the 'Mailing Labels' option from the same location you would select to run or edit the list: