There is no query information regarding address sharing/linking. However, the Linked? flag can be output in a constituent Export. Linked? will output as Yes/No or True/False with the affirmative meaning it is used on at least one other record and the negative meaning it's not. Additional information, such as which records, is not available in Query or Export but viewable on the Address record from Address > Address Sharing Options.
  1. Optionally, create a constituent query for the desired records to Export.
  2. Start a new constituent Export.
  3. On the General tab, attach the query created in step 1 if being used. Review other settings.
  4. On the Output tab, select the following fields to output. When prompted for the number of addresses, enter a number that will include all the desired addresses. You can also specify specific address types and set a sort by option.
    • Constituent Information > Constituent ID
    • Constituent Information > Name
    • Address > All Addresses > Import ID
    • Address > All Addresses > Linked?
    • Address > All Addresses > Type
    • Address > All Addresses > Address Block (or add other address fields for identification purposes)
  5. Add any additional desired fields to the Export.
  6. Run the Export.