Deposit report does not show overage

After editing a couple of drawers to reflect overages, the change in drawer was not carried over to the Deposit report. The Deposit report does not show overage deposited in drawer.
If you are currently experiencing this issue please chat with support and reference this article

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Sales> Count initial cash
  2. Once completed ringing daily transactions, navigate to Sales> Close drawer
  3. Count all money in register and click Save, then Yes to submit drawer
  4. Navigate to Sales> Approve closed drawers
  5. Next to the drawer, see overage and decide to keep the overage
  6. Click drop down next to drawer and select Approve selected
  7. Click check box next to drawer and select Create deposits
  8. Select your correct deposit template, and click Start process
  9. Once deposit process is complete, click View Report 
  10. On Deposit Report, underneath Deposit Detail we do not see the overage in Corrections/Refunds

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