KeyInd – Key Indicator “Individual” or “I”, “Organization” or “O”
ImportID – Constituent Import ID
Current Address
  • Original Address if no Move (Valid or Corrected Address) or
  • New Address if there is a Forwardable Move
  • Address fields are blank if Address is Invalid
AddrImpID =Address ImportID
AddrLines = Address Lines
Addrcity = City
Addrstate = State
Addrzip = Zip
Addrinfosrc = “CNCOA”
Prefaddr = <blank>  Preferred Address status will remain the same
Addrtype = <blank> Existing Address Type will remain the same
Cadattraddrimpid = Address Import ID of existing Address
Cadattrcat = “CNCOA”
Cadattrdesc = Validation Codes
  • Valid – If the Address is Valid
  • Invalid – If the Address is Not Valid
  • Corrected – If the address has been Corrected/Updated
Cadattrdate = Current Date
cadattrCom = <blank>
cadattraddrimpid = Address Import ID
cadattrCat = “CNCOA”
Cadattrdesc = Moves Codes (If a Move is Present)
  • “Forwardable Move”
Cadattrdate = Current Date
cadattrCom = <blank>
Previous Address
Original Address if there was a Forwardable Move
No Address Provided for Valid, Corrected or Invalid Addresses.
AddrImpID = Address Import ID
AddrLines = Address Lines
AddrCity = Address City
AddrState = Address State
AddrZip = Address Zip
AddrInfoSrc = “CNCOA”
PrefAddr = “N”
AddrType = “Previous Address”