SDK BusinessProcessSpec requires a Parameter set in order to be placed on a Job Schedule

One of the features of the SDK is the Business Process Spec. A custom business process can be created and placed on a Page with a Task pointing to it. A custom business process can also be placed on a Job Schedule or in a Queue, but only if it has a Parameter Set. 
In order to place any process in a Queue or a Job Schedule, it requires a Parameter Set. Add a parameter set to your business process, and retry.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Use the SDK to create a Business Process Spec without a parameter set
2) Load the Spec
3) Place it on a Job Schedule using CRM
4) At the scheduled time, the process will not run.
5) Investigate the server logs. See the message "An error occurred before executing the process 'BusinessProcess_Name' : Parameter set does not exist. Could not find BusinessProcess_Name parameter set with ID 1a2b3cd4-1b2a-8459-a982-a1b2c3d4e5f6"


 Blackbaud CRM

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