Validating an import, does not add or update information in The Raiser's Edge. It is a "pre-check" of the import data file to see if it's formatted properly for import.

After validating an import file to actually add the data: 
  1. Open the import parameter (set-up).
  2. Click on the General tab.
  3. Unmark Validate data only.
  4. Review other import options as needed.
  5. Click Import Now in the lower right.

Additional information:
  • If applicable, new table entries can be added in validation if Create new table entries is marked. This is part of the validation process to ensure that the live import will be successful.
  • One way to tell that just a validation has been done is that the Import Control Report will say "Validating - ..." in its title. No live import will ever have "Validating" in its control report title.
  • A validation is a "pre-check" of the data in the file only. Exceptions can still occur even if the file validates to zero exceptions. That is because once the live import is done and the information is attempted to be added to records, other exceptions may occur that would not be found when just checking the import data file alone. Creating an import exception file in the live import can group records that don't import successfully. Reviewing that data with the final Import Control Report and searching the Knowledgebase for the exception reasons can help review why a specific record did not add. (Tip: If just a handful of records did not add, consider just manually updating them instead to complete the import. Sometimes, that may be faster than trying to import just a handful of exception rows.)