Error: No tt-profileControl record is available. (91) when Importing Contacts with the Spreadsheet Import Wizard

When using the gui\imports\d-ssimp.w procedure which is the Spreadsheet Import Wizard, the error No tt-profileControl record is available. (91) can occur when using it to import Contacts.
This error is typically caused by either the wrong database table being used or the contact number not being mapped. In order to successfully use the Spreadsheet Import Wizard to import contacts successfully, there are four required elements: Contact number, profile id (in the correct format), the report name and sort name and then add any additional fields that are desired for the contact. The Contact table needs to be used for the import.

Note: Make sure that no other users are creating contacts during the time that the contact import is taking place.

Attached is a Word document that outlines the process of importing contacts.





  Import Contacts.docx

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Tools\System Utilities\Run Procedure
2. Click Browser to find the procedure gui\imports\d-ssimp.w which is located in \npo\found\FIMS\GUI\Imports
3. Click Ok
4. Run the Wizard to import the contacts
5. See error occur upon importing



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