When using FAST to enter a variety of invoices that may have differing lengths of distribution (some with 1 row of distribution, some with 3, etc.) the field selected for distribution does make a difference.

If all invoices in the FAST batch have the same number of lines of distribution:
- The design fields "Debit Account Number",  "Amount", and "Credit Account Number" may be added as many times as needed given the number of lines of distribution

If invoices have a differing number of rows of distribution - e.g. some 1, some 2, some 3:
- The design field "GL Distribution" should be used instead

Otherwise this error will occur as the system is assuming every invoice has the same lines of distribution, and if not, it sees the empty rows of distribution as accounts that are missing.

To remove the "Debit Account Number",  "Amount", and "Credit Account Number" and instead use the "GL Distribution" field:

1. Select the Design tab
2. Click to highlight "Distribution" on the right under "add these fields to the datasheet"
3. Click Remove > Click Yes to the prompt (the column will be removed but data already entered will be maintained)
4. Repeat for all instances of "Distribution"
5. On the left, under available fields, double click to add "GL Distribution" in blue
6. Select the Datasheet tab
7. For the "GL Distribution" column, click the ellipses button and edit the distributions
8. Repeat for all invoices

NOTE: Some Invoices that had fewer lines of distributions may currently have $0 rows - these rows need to be deleted in the gl distribution window.