To do this, there are two ways you can do this:
  1. Navigate to onCampus > People > select the Group Type (Academics, Activities, Advisories, or Athletics)
  2. Select the Course Rosters tab
  3. Select Edit next to the Course or Team you wish to Edit the Roster for
  4. If you wish to Remove a Student(s), click Drop next to the appropriate Student if you wish to Drop the Student from the Course
  5. Select one of the following options 
  6. Scheduling Error (Remove Course Record)
  7. Change Sections
  8. Drop Course (Leave Course Record)
  9. Enter a Drop/Change Date:
  10. Click Save & Exit
  11. If you wish to Add Student(s) to the Roster, click Add Member
  12. Search for the Member
  13. Click the >> next to the Students name you wish to add to the Group
  14. Click Next, enter the Date the Student should show as enrolled in the Course
  15. Click Save & Exit
Navigate to:
  1. onCampus > Group Finder > Search for the Group
  2. Select the Roster Tab
  3. Click Manage Roster
  4. To remove a Student, click Drop, Error, or Change and enter the Date the Student(s) is being removed from the Course
  5. To add a Student, under Students click + Students
  6. Type the Student name, click on the Student name (this enrolls the student as of today's date)
  7. Click Save