This would be easiest done using a smart field within a query. 

Smart Field
1. Go to Administration > Smart Fields
2. Click Add 
3. Select Constituent Revenue application counts
4. Name your smart field
5. Click the Parameters tab
6. Set it to Total number of applications 
7. Select Donation under Revenue types
8. Under Transaction type/Application choose any revenue that your designation payments would use. For example, if some are done via daily sales/online sales you'd want to enter Order/Donation. Here's a handy tool to find contributed revenue
9. On the Application Selection box, hit the magnifying glass
10. In the dialog box that shows up, hit Add Ad-hoc query
11. Select Revenue Application:
12. Add Designation system record ID and select your designation.
  • NOTE: If you are selecting more than one designation, use Is one of instead of Equal to and select all relevant designations
12. Click the Set save options tab and give it a name
13. Click Save
14. Save your smart field
15. Go back into your smart field and click Start Process

Start your query:
  1. Navigate to Analysis, then click on Information Library
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query
  3. Select source view of Revenue and click OK
Add fields to Include records where:
  1. In the left column, select Constituents, then under there select Smart fields.
  2. From the middle column, drag Value into Include records where and set this to Greater than 1
Add fields to Results fields to display:
  1. To add constituent names: From the left column, select Constituent.  From the middle column, drag Name into Results fields to display.
  2. To see how many times they have donated: From the left column, select Constituents > Smart fields > Your smart field. From the middle column, drag Value into Results fields to display.
Save your query:
  1. Click Set save options tab
  2. Name query
  3. If you will be using this query elsewhere in Altru, mark to Create a selection
  4. If you will be using this query in another query, mark to Show this Selection in the Query Designer
  5. Save and Close

Here is an example of what your final query will look like:
User-added image