Depending on how the user was created in NetCommunity, they may not have an email associated with the user profile in NetCommunity or they do not remember what email address they registered with. A confirmation page will display after clicking to reset the password, regardless of whether an email address is associated with the user record. 
  1. Confirm the Password Reset Email is being Triggered and confirm the email address being utilized
    1. Edit the Form Display or User Login part, depending on which the user is triggering the Password Reset from
    2. Click the Forgotten Password/Username Email button in the upper left
    3. Confirm the Name of email
    4. Navigate to Email>Acknowledgements
    5. Search for the Email name you found in step 1c
    6. Click the Graph next to the email
    7. Click the Messages tab
    8. Confirm the Email address being utilized
      • If no email address or line item is generating after triggering a password reset, this indicates that email address is not linked to a BBNC User. Update email address associated with the username. If using Raiser's Edge, and the user has recently signed up as a user, it's possible there may be an outstanding signup request in the plugin. Please process any outstanding signup requests in the NetCommunity plugin.
      • If the email address is incorrect, update email address associated with the username
      • If the email address is present, but there is not sent date, see section regarding Invalid Accounts/Opt Outs below
      • If the email address is present and includes a sent date, see section regarding Spam/Junk Folder
  2. Invalid Accounts/Opt Outs
  3. Spam/Junk Folder
    • If under Step 1h, the email address is correct and there is a Sent Date, this indicates NetCommunity is delivering the email from our system to the intended recipient. The recipient should check their Spam/Junk folder for the forgotten password email.