1. Click on Queries and navigate to the desired category.
  2. Click New Query in the upper left.
  3. Enter a name and description for the query.
  4. Set the Starting Query to Query Category of Base and Query of All Journal Entries - JE.
  5. Set Results to Data Return Type of Journal Entries.
  6. Set Criteria Options to Match each criteria.
  7. Under Browse Fields, click on Journal Entry Types and mark Disbursement.
  8. Optionally under Browse Fields, click on Journal Entry Date and set the desired date range.
  9. Optionally under Browse Fields, click on Funds and mark the funds to include.
  10. In the upper left, select Preview and click Save And.
  11. Review the query results. (Optionally, click Edit Query to go back to the query to edit if needed.)
  12. Click on Reports > Standard > eTapestry Standard Reports.
  13. Under Activity Summary Reports, click on Fund Activity Summary.
  14. In 1. Query, select the disbursement journal entry query saved in steps 1 through 11.
  15. In 2. Criteria, select Only those Funds with Received received amounts less than or equal to $0.00 and and Include Disabled Items.
  16. In 3. Display Options, leave marked for a graph or unmark for no graph.
  17. In 4. Delivery Options, set the desired options and run the report.