Donation Form blank after returning from Payment 2.0 Part

When selecting a transaction from a Transaction Manager Part, a designated Donation Form page is opened, and after the Donation Form is completed and submitted, it takes a designated Payment 2.0 Part is opened. When clicking the Designation link for any donation in the cart or clicking the Multiple Designations link, if available, a blank Donation Form page is opened.
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a Transaction Manager Part, a Donation Form Part, and a Payment 2.0 Part. Create a separate Page for each Part, with the exception of the Payment 2.0 Part.
2. On the Transaction Manager Part setup, set the Configure pledge payment and Configure recurring gift payment options to the Donation Page created in step 1. Ensure either the Active tab or Both tabs option is selected. Set the remaining options to default.
3. Set the Donation Form Part and Payment 2.0 Part to default options, only set the Payment 2.0 Part to be used on the Donation Form Part.
4. View the page that contains the Transaction Manager Part.
5. Select a Pledge or Recurring Gift from the Active tab.
6. Fill out the Donation Form with at least one designation and submit.
7. Click on the designation link for a donation in the cart.
8. A blank Donation Form page is displayed.


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