Runtime error when clicking an event on the event calendar

When viewing a NetCommunity event calendar and clicking on an event a runtime error results rather than the calendar event page loading.
This occurs if... 

1.) On the Event Calendar: "Include events from The Raiser’s Edge" box is checked and a corresponding RE query is selected, that includes the event.

2.) On the Event Registration part: 
    a.) The event is present under the "Add events" section.
    b.) The "Publish to online event calendar" checkbox is marked.

3.) The Event Registration part is added to two pages.

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.


Edit the Event Registration part, then: 

  1. Unmark the checkbox: "Publish to online event calendar"
  2. Save
  3. NOTE: Doing this will unlink the event page from the calendar.

- OR - 

  1. Click the Usage tab 
  2. Click on the page(s) that you want to remove the part from
  3. Once the page loads, remove the part from the page
  4. Go the Calendar and click one of the events listed above
  5. You will not longer get the error and the link to the event will be present
  6. NOTE: Using this method, you will only be able to use the event part on ONE page

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Edit an event registration form part in NetCommunity
  2. Mark the checkbox option on the design tab for Publish this Event to Online Event Calendar
  3. Create a query in Raiser's Edge that contains an event being used on the aforementioned event registration form part
  4. Edit an event calendar part in NetCommunity
  5. Mark the option for include events from Raiser's Edge
  6. Click the binoculars and select the newly created query from Raiser's Edge
  7. Save the event calendar part
  8. View the event calendar page
  9. find the event that is being used on the event registration form part 
  10. Click to open that event
  11. Receive runtime error


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