When reselling add-on as renewal, it removes the ability to use pre-existing add-ons

To apply additional add-ons to a membership transaction, we renewed the membership to add the additional transaction. However, if add-ons already exist on the membership these can no longer be used.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Constituent record
  2. At top left click Add membership
  3. Sell yourself any membership and an add-on (ex: Membership/Level: Adopt an Animal- Single, Add on: 1 Additional member)
  4. Navigate to Memberships> Member search
  5. Enter Membership ID and open membership record
  6. Click Upgrade Now button
  7. Underneath What are they paying for, change Upgrade a membership to Renew the Adopt an Animal Single
  8. Edit the Expires on date to the correct expiration date
  9. Underneath Do they want any add-ons? Check to Include Additional member (ex: Quantity: 2)
  10. Pay for additional add on, then click Save
  11. Looking at membership record, we see we have 3 additional member add-ons, meaning we can have 4 total members on this membership
  12. When we click Edit members, we can only have 3 members on membership total

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