When reselling add-on as renewal, it removes the ability to use pre-existing add-ons

To apply additional add-ons to a membership transaction, we renewed the membership to add the additional transaction. However, if add-ons already exist on the membership these can no longer be used.
When a membership renewal is process the preexisting membership add-on no longer be available for use as that add-on was associated with the previous membership term.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Constituent record
  2. At top left click Add membership
  3. Sell yourself any membership and an add-on (ex: Membership/Level: Adopt an Animal- Single, Add on: 1 Additional member)
  4. Navigate to Memberships> Member search
  5. Enter Membership ID and open membership record
  6. Click Upgrade Now button
  7. Underneath What are they paying for, change Upgrade a membership to Renew the Adopt an Animal Single
  8. Edit the Expires on date to the correct expiration date
  9. Underneath Do they want any add-ons? Check to Include Additional member (ex: Quantity: 2)
  10. Pay for additional add on, then click Save
  11. Looking at membership record, we see we have 3 additional member add-ons, meaning we can have 4 total members on this membership
  12. When we click Edit members, we can only have 3 members on membership total

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