1. Go to Query and navigate to the desired Query category.
  2. Click New Query.
  3. Enter a name and a query description.
  4. Set Starting Query Query Category to Base and Query to All constituents -A (or All Accounts - A).
  5. Set Data Return Type to Accounts.
  6. Set Criteria Options to Match at least one criteria.
  7. Under Browse Fields tab, select Accounts and then select Account Name.
  8. Enter * (shift and 8) and then the search term. If entering more than 1, click + to add a new line. Search for common extensions and/or domain names depending on the need. Some common ones to find emails can be:
    • *com 
    • *net
    • *yahoo
    • *edu
    • *outlook
    • *uk
    • *org
    • *ca
    • *gmail
    (Note: @ is considered an invalid criteria in eTapestry query. Querying on *@ will produce an error message.)
  9. Click Save and Preview to review results. The results will list emails but may also contain other account names that have the search terms in part. For example, *net will find account names of Janet and email addresses that end with the .net extension.