Option 1: Run the Total Revenue and Payments Report for Online Sales
The Total Revenue and Payments Report offers a detailed view of all transactions that came in through a certain sales method. 
  1. Go to Revenue 
  2. Under Reports, click Total Revenue and Payments
  3. Under Date, choose the date range for your report. 
  4. Under Report Type, choose Detailed
  5. Under Source, check the box for Online Sales only to see online sales. Your report parameters should appear similarly to this: 
    User-added image
  6. Click View Report.
  7. Scroll to the Memberships section of the report. Altru will break your membership transactions into sub-sections based on the level and term purchased: 
    User-added image
Option 2: Build a Membership Query
You can also build a membership query to view all of the online membership transactions. Follow the instructions in our related solution: I need to find membership transactions during a specific date range and follow Step 4 to add a Sales Method Type Filter to only view transactions for Online Sales. This query can also be adjusted to include any membership transaction if needed in the future. 

Option 3: Build a Sales Order Query: 
You can also build a sales order query to view all of the online membership transactions. Unlike Option 2, this query cannot be manipulated to show any membership transaction. Since this query will use a Sales Order Source View, it will only show sales order transactions and will not include any back office transactions.
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library
  2. Click Add a new ad-hoc query 
  3. Select the Source View of Sales Orders and click OK. 
    User-added image
  4. A new ad-hoc query screen will appear. In the middle column, drag Sales method type to Include records where. In the Apply criteria window, select "Equal to" and choose Online Sales. 
  5. (Optional) If you would only like to see transactions that were processed in a specific date range, from the middle column also drag Transaction date to Include records where. Set this parameter to reflect the date range you are looking for. For example: Transaction date is equal to this week or Transaction date is between January 1, 2017 and January 31, 2017. 
  6. Next, to find only membership transactions, in the left column, highlight Sales Order Item. From the middle column, drag Type to Include records where. Set this to be equal to Membership.  Here is how your query should look so far: 
    User-added image
  7. Lastly, you will need to add any additional fields you would like to see about these transactions. Here are some suggestions: 
    1. Amount Paid: To add the amount paid for the membership, with Sales Order Item highlighted in the left, drag Net Amount to Results fields to display. 
    2. Purchaser Name: To add the name of the purchaser of the membership, highlight Constituent and drag Name from the middle column to Results fields to display 
    3. If the membership is a gift: To see if the membership was a gift, expand Sales Order Item, then highlight Sales Order Item Membership. From the middle column, drag Is gift to Results fields to display 
    4. Membership Program and Level: To add details about the membership program being purchased, expand Sales Order Item, then expand Sales Order Item Membership, then highlight Membership. From the middle column, drag Membership Program and/or Membership Level to Results fields to display. 
    5. Transaction Action: To see what type of transaction it was (join, renew, rejoin, etc.), expand Sales Order Item, then expand Sales Order Item Membership, then highlight Membership Transaction. From the middle column, drag Action to Results fields to display 
  8. Here is an example of what your final query might look like with all of these fields added: 
    User-added image
  9. On the Set Save Options Tab, name your query and save your query to access later.