Globally adding an email crashes with multiple exchange servers

When a Windows user has multiple Microsoft Exchange Servers set up, globally adding an email to constituents may cause The Raiser's Edge to crash.
In order to progress with the globally add email, there are two options:

1) Remove the multiple Exchange Servers from the user's Windows account
2) Reduce the number of constituents that you are sending the email to (less than 300 records does seem to allow the email to send correctly)

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into a Windows account with two or more exchange server accounts associated with it
  2. Log into RE7
  3. In Administration, click Globally Add Record.
  4. On the Global Add screen in the Add drop-down, select Email.
  5. Click Include and select 'Selected Constituents' (based on a query).
  6. For the Send email message line, select the 'To group' option.
  7. If appropriate, mark the Create Control Report and Create exception query checkboxes (recommended)
  8. Click Enter Email Now
  9. Click Yes when this prompt appears: Are you sure you want to add this email to all of the selected records? This prompt is to warn you that you will send an email to each record selected under the Include button
  10. Enter the subject and compose the email message
  11. Click Send Now
  12. RE crashes

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