With the Pledge Status and Analysis report, you can view detailed information about your pledge revenue, grouped by constituent or designation, for a specific time period. You can filter the report to include only pledges with specific characteristics, such as past due pledges, pledges with a balance or write-offs, or pledges added during a specific time period. For each pledge, you can view its constituent and designation, the total amount of the pledge and each of its installments, the total amount received toward the pledge, and whether the constituent gave the pledge anonymously. You can also view information about any balance, past due amounts, write-offs, and reminders associated with each pledge.

For pledges applied toward multiple designations, the Pledge Status and Analysis report displays each designation split as a separate pledge. If you filter on pledge amount and the original pledge amount meets the selected criteria, its splits appear in the report, regardless of whether the split amount also meets the criteria.

The Pledge Status and Analysis Report includes details about pledge revenue as of the current date or a past date. You cannot select to view pledge activity as of a future date. To view projected pledge revenue activity, use the Pledge Installments Projection report. For information about this report, see Pledge Installments Projection Report.

To view the details of the pledges associated with a constituent or designation, you can expand the constituent's or designation's node in the report. To help navigate through the information, the Pledge Status and Analysis report applies different colors to the rows for pledges, pledge installments, and the sum totals.

When you expand a node, each pledge for the constituent or designation appears in a light blue row. When you expand a node, each installment for a pledge appears in a white row. For each constituent or designation, the sum total of the pledge activity appears in a dark blue row.

To view additional information about a constituent, designation, pledge, or pledge installment, click its link in the report.

To view the Pledge Status and Analysis report, from Revenue or Fundraising, click Pledge status and analysis under Reports. The Pledge Status and Analysis report page appears. Select whether to group the pledges included in the report by constituent or designation. In the Display field, select the type and revenue amount of the pledges to include in the report. For example, to see all pledges with a balance greater than $100.00, you can select to include "Only pledges with a balance" and "Greater than $100.00". In the Date or As of field, select the date criteria of the pledges to include. To view the results of the report in an expanded form, such as to view information about each pledge's designations or installments, select Display all pledge details. Regardless of whether you select Display all pledge details, you can expand or collapse the report results as necessary. If you group the pledges by constituent, select whether to display contact information for each constituent. To view contact information if you do not select Display constituent contact information, hover over the constituent's name.
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