With the Inventory Report, you can view all merchandise items that are currently in stock according to the sales data calculated by the system. You can also use this report to track merchandise levels. If a specific merchandise item is running low, you know to reorder it before you sell out. If you notice an item is slow to sell and you have excess inventory, you can set up a discount for that item in an attempt to help sales.

To view this report, from Merchandise, click Inventory report. The Merchandise Inventory page appears. In the Department field, select whether to include inventory items from all or specific departments or a selection of items based on a department query. In the Group by field, you can group the report results by groupings such as Category, Department, and Vendor. If you group the report by a specific grouping, you can also select the report type such as detailed or summary. To include inactive merchandise items in the report, select Include inactive. After you select the options, click View Report. The report displays information such as the item details, quantity, average cost, inventory value, and retail price.

It is important to note that this report is dynamic and will not provide a historical view of orders with balances due. To use this report accurately to record journal entries, the report must be run either at the end of the day on the last day of the month, or first thing the morning of the first day of the following month.
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