1.Navigate to Communities > Forms > Single Step Donation 
2. Hover over the form name and select Bookkeeping 
3. Click Pending Scheduled Payments 
4. Search for the donor name 
5. Click Detail next to their name 
6. In the pop-up window, make sure the payment amount is correct by being the amount of the failed payment in the Payment Amount text box
7. Update the credit card information 
8. Scroll down & click Update Payment Information
  • Note: This will make future payment amounts the same
9. Click Retry beside the failed payment for the card to be charged
  • Note: This will make its payment date the date the card is being charged, this is fine and will not affect the payment date for future scheduled payments
8. To edit the future scheduled amounts back to their original amount, click Edit/Confirm beside the future payment
9. In the pop-up, edit ONLY the payment amount
10. Click Save 
  • Do this for each future scheduled payment