You may have configured a Revenue Record Money in Selection KPI to pull in and calculate Membership Revenue for a particular membership program. When comparing this total to your Membership Dues Revenue Report, you are seeing that the totals do not match. This can be caused because the KPI does not take the following into account in it's calculations:
  1. Refunds
  2. Sales Discounts
  3. Split Gifts
This means that the KPI is using the entire Revenue Amount to calculate the Total. If you are looking to report on transaction totals by level for a specific time period we will want to use the Membership Dues Revenue Report. This report also displays the total number of members, and any additional donations members have made. The KPI can be used to get a general idea of where you stand against a goal.

If you would like to configure this KPI, please reference: Is there a way to set up a revenue goal for membership.