Line breaks are dropped when a note field is merged in an Entry List widget

Some fields in eTapestry are set up as note fields so that users can indicate things like lists in the information they save. These can be the standard Note field on a journal entry or a user-defined field with the display type of note. However, when merging one of these note fields within the Entry List widget in a Communications template, the line-break formatting is removed, and all the text shows on the same line, with normal text-wrapping.  

The line breaks are not retained when a note field is used in the Entry List widget. If these line breaks are important, users should add the merge field into the template directly (instead of using the Entry List widget) by clicking the Insert eTapestry Merge Value button in the toolbar. This will retain the original formatting as it exists on the journal entry, however, you will not be able to merge notes from multiple journal entries into a single letter using this method.




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