In order to generate an excel file with recipient information, we will want to ensure we have configured the letter to 'Export a .CSV file of the recipient information.' A .CSV file is a type of Excel file. To confirm the appeal mailing you created is going to generate an excel file and not mail recipients through Altru, we can follow the steps below: 
  1. From Marketing and Communications, Click Appeal Mailings
  2. Click the name of your appeal mailing
  3. Navigate to the Letters tab, Click the Letter > Click Edit
  4. In the Letter Content Section, ensure you have marked 'Export a .CSV file of the recipient information
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  5. Click Next, Click Finish and Close
If you have not created your appeal mailing, we will first want to add the appeal mailing to Altru. When configuring the appeal mailing, you will want to mark the option to Export a .CSV file of the recipient information. For stpes on adding an appeal mailing we can reference: How to run an Appeal Mailing (includes video demo).