We are currently evaluating this and will update this article when we have more information.

Currently, it is possible to filter by selected Deposit records or by a range. It's also possible to use a Deposit query with certain criteria within the Deposit search window to group certain deposits for easier selection.

To create a Deposit query of Accounts Receivable Not Yet Posted Deposits for a specific bank:
1. in Accounts Receivable > Query > Create a new Deposit Query
2. On the Criteria tab, select the following - 
> Bank Information > Bank Name = (Bank Name)
> Deposit > System = Accounts Receivable (or Cash Receipts if posting from Cash Receipts)
> Deposit > Post Status = Not Yet Posted
3. On the Output tab > select any desired Output
4. Save the Query

To use a query within the Deposit search:

1. In Accounts Receivable > Admin > Post > Create a new post parameter
2. On the filters tab, set all other record types to none except deposits 
3. Change deposits to selected
4. Click the binoculars to search for a deposit
5. In the upper right of the search window, click the binoculars to search for a saved deposit query or create a new one
6. Once the query is selected, click Find Now to populate the query results
7. To select all of the Deposits listed, click the first Deposit, hold the shift key, and press the End button on the keyboard (this will select all Deposits from the top to the bottom)
8. Click Open
9. Validate
10. Post