Linked Soft Credit Account Name appears with string of numbers in a custom report

When running a custom report I just noticed that when the field of Linked Soft Credit Account Name is chosen the results show the account name followed by a string of numbers.  This only seems to be happening for gifts that are split transactions.  A gift with a soft credit reports just fine. 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. log into eTapestry
  2. click queries
  3. click manage queries
  4. choose a category where this query should reside (i.e.Base)
  5. click New Query
  6. change the data return type from Accounts to Journal Entries
  7. choose Journal Entry Types
  8. mark the checkbox for split gift
  9. save and preview the query
  10. click more options
  11. click run a report
  12. click manage reports
  13. choose a category where this report should reside (i.e. system)
  14. click new report
  15. columns:
  16. choose Account Name, Date, Received
  17. click on the drop down beside Commonly Used Fields and choose Journal Fields
  18. choose Linked Soft Credit Account Name
  19. click Save and Run
  20. click submit


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