NXT Gifts by Constituency Code is incorrect in Analyze>Overview

When viewing the Gifts by Constituent Code in Analyze>Overview, gifts are in the wrong section of the pie chart for the Primary Constituent Code.  It isn't correct based on the Constituent record or on the gift record. 

This issue has been resolved.  

If you're experiencing this issue, please document the issue and contact support with screenshots and your Tenant ID.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Login to NXT
2. Go to Analyze>Overivew
3. Scroll down to Gifts by Constituency Code
4. Select a section in the chart to open it (Employee)
5. Open a gift within the section and view the Gift Constituency Code is not Employee
6. Navigate to the Constituent record and view their Primary Constituent code, it is not Employee.
7. Go to the database view and navigate to the record
8. Go to the bio2 tab and view their Constituent Codes.  The top Constituent Code has a Date To (end date), making the next code Primary.  
9. NXT appears to only be viewing the table location, not considering the Date To 

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