1. Navigate to Communities > Special Events > KinteraGala 
  2. Hover over the desired event and select Website Info
  3. Click Sponsor Information
  4. Click the Sponsorhip Logos tab
  5. Click Click here to select a sponsor
  6. Mark the radio button next to the appropriate Sponsor and click Select
  7. Click "Import a Sponsor Scroll Box Logo in the Location 1 section if you would like the image to display in the rotating applet on your homepage that reads "Special Thanks to" OR click "Import View Our Sponsors Page Logo" in the Location 2 section if you would like the image to display on the View Our Sponsors page
  8. Upload the Sponsor logo
  9. Click Submit

NOTE:  Preferred resolution of images: 72 dpi; Size recommendations: Scroll box: width between 125 - 150, height = 150 max, View Our Sponsors page: width = 450 max, height = 350 max, Footer: width = 149, height = 36