Make sure the Sponsor levels are created first.  You will need to Configure Sponsor Information before registering a sponsor.  Once your levels are created, you may proceed with the following:

  1. Navigate to Communities > Special Events > KinteraGala
  2. Hover your mouse over the event name and click Bookkeeping
  3. Under Add Single Transactions, click Single Sponsorship Entry.
  4. Under Search for Sponsor, search the database to see if the sponsor (for example, company) is already a contact to avoid creating a duplicate contact.
    1. If the sponsor is not in the database, click New.
    2. If the appropriate record is listed in the search results, click the radio button beside the potential sponsor's name.
  5. The sponsor form opens. Complete it as follows:
    1. Select Individual Sponsor or Organization Sponsor.
    2. Complete all required fields on the form including the following information listed under Sponsorship Level Information.
    • Sponsorship Level
    • Sponsor Logo 
      • Note: This is only for the sponsor scroll box 
    • Sponsor Website Address
    • Amount
      • For an "Off-line- not charged by Kintera" payment: use this only to record credit card/online checking transactions processed elsewhere. Credit or bank account information is only stored for reference purposes; Kintera does not process the card or bank account.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. A confirmation page appears to indicate that the sponsor has been processed and entered in the database.
    • The sponsor will receive a notification email (if a valid email address was entered in the Email field).
  8. If you want to add another sponsor, click "Enter Another Sponsor". Otherwise, click "Go To Main Bookkeeping" to return to the Bookkeeping page.
  9. Click Manage Initiative Records under Edit Transactions.
  10. For Show Me, click Sponsors.
  11. Search for the sponsor, or click Show All to display all sponsors of the Gala event.
  12. Verify that the sponsor’s name is included in the list.