For employers who manage their own flex plans, you can create an invoice from the flex plan disbursement record so you may distribute money directly to employees.

Note: If you haven't already, before you can add a flex plan disbursement, you must designate a deduction as a flexible spending plan on the Deductions page in Configuration. You must also select a deduction on the employee’s Compensation/Deductions tab in Employees. Only then will any flex plan IDs appear in the Flex plan ID list.

You can add flex plan disbursements from an employee record or from the Flex Plan Disbursements page in Records. However, by adding a flex plan disbursement directly from an employee’s record you can eliminate searching for a specific employee.

From an employee record:
1. Open the employee record > select the Flex tab.
2. Click New Flex Disbursement to create a new flex plan disbursement.
3. In the Flex Disbursement For grid, enter the name of the employee or use the binoculars to locate an
4. In the Flex plan ID/Description field, select a flex plan. If there are not any Flex plan IDs listed, make sure you have designated a deduction as a flexible spending plan on the Deductions tab of Configuration. After you select the flex plan ID/description, specific flex plan disbursement information including start, end, and cutoff dates, as well as the plan balance, appear at the bottom of the tab.
5. In the Pay date field, enter a date within the range defined for the flex plan ID.
6. In the Amount field, enter the amount to reimburse.
7. In the Comment field, you can enter any comments about this disbursement.
Note:  The bottom of the screen displays the start date, end date, and cutoff date. You can also view the total periods, periods used, total withheld, employee balance, paid to date, and available balance.
8. If you have Accounts Payable, you can record the money moving out of your bank as well. By first setting up the Employee as a Vendor in Accounts Payable, you can then click Create Invoice from the Disbursement to add a new Invoice that can be paid. The New Invoice screen appears.
9. On the New Invoice screen, enter invoice information on the tabs. Select a payment method of either check or if the money was already transferred and you simply need to record the wire transfer, select Bank Draft.
10. Create the check or record the payment from the Payments/Credits tab by clicking "Pay Now" (or process normally with the next check run).
11. Save and Close the Invoice. Return to the New Flex Plan Disbursement record.
12. Save and Close

Note: You can edit and delete existing flex plan disbursements by selecting a disbursement in the grid and clicking Open or Delete on the action bar.

Additional screen shots in our Payroll Records Guide in the section for adding Flex disbursements