This can be caused due to the setup of the webforms or the membership program itself. Please try both of the following in order, until the issue is resolved.
  • Verify the webforms have responsive formatting turned on:
  1. Click Web > Page Designer
  2. Choose a Responsive Layout
  3. Click Next > Click Next again > Click Submit
  • Verify there are not any hard returns or special characters in the description fields for the membership program: 
  1. From Memberships, Click the Membership Program 
  2. Click Prices Tab
  3. Click Arrow next to Add-on
  4. Click Edit
  5. Copy Description out and paste in text editor like Notepad
  6. Remove any special characters (like any enters/hard returns or quotation marks)
  7. Copy and paste the description back into the field in Altru
  8. Click Save 
  9. Click General Tab > Click Edit > Follow Steps 4-7
  10. Click Terms and Levels tab > Click Edit > Follow Steps 4-7