I noticed the membership card expiration was not updated after merging duplicate records

When a duplicate constituent record is created when renewing a membership, the membership card expiration date does not update when the records are merged. The expiration date on the membership updates on the membership transaction and the membership record. 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

While we are working, we can manually update the date associated with this card after merging the records. 
  1. Search and select the Constituent's record
  2. Navigate to the Membership Tab
  3. Click the hyperlinked Membership Program name to navigate to the Constituent's membership record
  4. In the Membership Card Section, Click the arrow to the left of the card you need to update
  5. Click Edit, Adjust the Membership Expiration Date
  6. Click Save

Steps to Duplicate

Renew a membership early
  1. Navigate to Sales, Advance Sales
  2. On the Constituent tab, Click the search button, Click Add. 
  3. Enter a duplicate constituent with the same name, Click Save. Choose to add this as a new record. Click Save.
  4. Navigate to the Create Order Tab, Click Add a Membership
  5. Add a membership for the same program/level chosen above
  6. Navigate to the Add a Payment Tab, Choose a Payment method
  7. Complete
  8. Navigate to Membership tab of this new duplicate constituent record, see that the expiration date is 1 year out from the purchase date and not the current expiration date
Merge the Duplicate records
  1. From Constituents, Click Duplicates
  2. Click Merge two Constituents
  3. In the Source field, search the newest (duplicate) record you created
  4. In the Target field, search the original constituent record
  5. Click Merge
Check the Merged Constituent Records
  1. From Constituents, Search and Select the Merged Constituent Record
  2. Navigate to the Membership tab, Click the hyperlinked Membership Name
  3. See that the expiration date associated with the Membership Card did not update to reflect 1 year from the existing expiration date. See it shows 1 year from the purchase date


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