Conditional Content missing after sending message

You sent an email from NetCommunity. It does not contain your conditional content as expected. 
Confirm if conditional content was include via:
  1. From Email>Messages, click the paper (copy) icon to copy the message
  2. Once you're editing the copy message, look within the message content to see if the conditional content is visible
    • If the conditional content is not visible, this indicates it was removed prior to the original message was sent
    • If the conditional content is visible, this indicates something went awry during the sending process that prevented the conditional content from successfully sending. Typically, resending the copy message will allow the conditional content to be sent as expected. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. After logging into NetCommunity, navigate to Email>Messages
  2. Click the graph icon of your message
  3. Click Additional Information
  4. Under the Click Map or Properties tab, you don't see your conditional content

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