Stage 1: Get a feel for Altru
In this stage, just get familiar with Altru and how to use some of the resources available to you. Don't worry about learning the details of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks yet; simply focus on the layout, features, and concepts of Altru. With this foundation, you’ll quickly learn the details in the next stages and prepare yourself to work in Altru.

Week One:
  1. Get a account. Login Help
  2. Complete the Basics of Altru eLearning course.
  3. Join the Altru Community.
  4. Read the following chapters and chapter sections in Altru for Beginners.
    • Introduction
    • Tickets and Programs
    • Fundraising
    • Memberships
    • Events
    • Web Forms
    • Constituents
    • Outroduction
  5. Enroll in the Blackbaud University online instructor-led courses. These two courses are prerequisites for all other Altru online instructor-led courses:
Stage 2: Learn how to do your job
The trainings and resources in this section are arranged so that your most common tasks are addressed first.

Week Two - Daily Tasks:
Manage Altru Web forms
As the Web Forms Administrator, you'll need to know how to customize individuals Web forms and manage custom Acknowledgement emails.
  1. Enroll in the Blackbaud University online instructor-led course Altru: Web Forms
  2. Check out these Help Topics:
  3. Watch these Videos:
  4.  Refer to the following Knowledgebase articles:
Week Three - Weekly Tasks:​​
Manage Constituent Users and Web Forms User Registration
Your constituents can create Web Forms user accounts that allow them to sign in and automatically receive member benefits, such as discounts, member-only event and member pre-sale eligibility. Registered users who sign in also have their personal and contact information auto-fill on their transactions saving them time.
  1. Watch these Videos:
  2. Refer to the following Knowledgebase article:
  3. Review this Altru Masters Workshop Recording & Handout:
Week Four - Configuration & Occasional Tasks:
Manage Web forms Page Design
Altru's Web forms can be customized to match your organization's website design.
  1. Check out these Help Topics:
  2. Watch these Videos:
  3. Refer to the following Knowledgebase articles:
  4. Review the following Masters Workshop:
Default Configuration Settings for Web Forms
  1. ​​Check out these Help Topics:
  2. Watch these Videos:
Stage 3 - Practice makes perfect
Now that you’ve learned the basics and laid the foundation to mastering Altru, let’s hone those skills through practice and review.

Week Five and Beyond: