The reason the incorrect payment opens is because the Grouping Element is active on the Payment ID column in the View.

To resolve, after your search is complete, take the steps below:

1. Click the folder icon at the bottom-middle of your GIFTS online screen to edit your View
2. Find the Payment ID row > Highlight the row by clicking once > Click 'Formatting' button
3. Uncheck the option that turns on the Grouping element
4. Save the View

The Grouping element is often a comma. What happens is that the comma breaks up the ID, so it sees Payment ID 4,345 using the example above. The problem here is that the comma also acts as a tool of separation, so it looks to open Payment ID 4 or 345. Since 4 is first, that is was opens. Once the Grouping element is turned off, the comma no longer breaks the number and the correct payment appears.