Error: Access denied when Trying to Add a Contact on a Profile

When going to a profile and the contact tab and attempting to add a contact the error occurs even when the user has full rights to the contact tab.
There are three areas that pertain to Contacts that need to be set. These need to be done by user who is a security administrator in FIMS:

1. Go to Profiles\Contact tab and right click on the Contact tab. You will see the window below appear, add any usernames there that need access to Contacts; either Read or Write as needed:

2. Find a contact and actually click into it and open it, and right-click on the Contacts tab there and assign permissions for the actual contact records themselves:

3. Go to Tools\System Utilities\Menu Security and make sure the users have view rights to Contacts and Contact Tickles. Disregard the top part about the AP items, you will want to select view on the top bar to view permissions for each area. Do not select Contacts or Contact Tickle in the drop-down, go to view on the top and select from there:






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