Error: Data could not be saved. Nullable object must have a value - when charging a card in the back office

When adding a back office payment, if you fill out the form properly as a credit card payment and attempt to authorize the card on payment, receive the error: Data could not be saved. Nullable Object must have a value.

You may keep getting the following error when trying to process a credit card through back office.
This error message will appear when you do not enter the card type when processing a back office credit card transaction. To resolve the issue make sure you add a card type and all other required information when processing a credit card transaction

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to a Constituent Record. We could search for someone in the search bar at the top of Altru.
  2. Click Add Payment in the top left.
  3. Fill in the payment form using the full Credit Card information, including the CSC and full number. Make sure to check "Authorize Card On Save."
  4. Attempt to save the payment. Receive the error message.


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