This may be caused because you just deleted items out of the Daily Sales cart that had a discount applied instead of cancelling the entire order.  Once you add a manual discount to an order, it is going to stay attached to the order until you delete the discount (not the item tied to it) or  cancel the order.  It will continue to reappear in the cart whenever you add an item that it can be applied to.  

Step #1: Confirm there are no lingering discounts in your cart.
  1. From Daily Sales, click Cancel to clear the cart
  2. When prompted with, "Are you sure you want to clear this order of all items?" click Yes
  3. Add the tickets or merchandise back to your cart
  4. If you continue to receive a discount and you should not, continue to step #2

Step #2: Confirm the discount was not set up as an automatic discount.
  1. Navigate to Tickets> Tickets and merchandise discounts
  2. Click on the discount
  3. Next to Selected for use, note if it says Automatic, Manual or With code.
  4. If this says Automatic, click the tab to edit the details for when discount is used automatically
  5. If you do not want the discount to be automatic, recreate the discount for use Manually or With Code