Revenue filter returns incorrect summary amounts on a constituent’s revenue summary if a pledge and payment on the pledge were made in different time period when using both payment-pledge and pledge-donation revenue filter options.

The payment-pledge option on a revenue filter returns the payments on pledges and pledge-donations option returns balance of the pledge. If you create a pledge in one fiscal period, pay on it in another, and then choose one of the two periods to report on the revenue will seem incorrect.
The revenue summary is designed is to always include pledge balance ( if the filter has pledge selected) and pledge payments( if the filter has payments selected) which is to avoid double counting.

For example if you have a $1000 pledge and a $500 both made in the same fiscal year, we do not want the revenue summary double counting the entire pledge and the payment and reporting $1500.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create revenue filter with both Payment-pledge and pledge-donation enabled.
2. Create a pledge for 2014.
3. Make a payment towards this pledge in 2015.
4. If you choose to report using the above revenue filter in 2014 you will only see the pledge balance instead of the full pledge amount on the constituent’s revenue summary total revenue.


 Blackbaud CRM

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